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This Is the S.O.A.P On Why I Pay My Tithe!!! [1 Timothy 10:6]

This is my S.O.A.P on 1 Timothy 10:6. It is the way i study my Bible, i pick a [S]cripture from my Church notes or from a book i am reading, meditate and write down my [O]bservations, ask how i can [A]pply what i have studied into my life and finally say a [P]rayer to set it in motion. It is called the S.O.A.P method and it is a powerful exercise, you should try it!!!

[S]cripture: 1 Timothy 6:10 "For the Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people craving money, have wandered from the faith and pieced themselves with many sorrows"

[O]bservation: "...THE LOVE OF MONEY" - As you can see, the Bible never says money is bad, it says the unhealthy appetite for money is the one responsible for all kinds of evil...
Money is a tool, it takes on the personality of the one who has it. Money in good hands produces good things, in bad hands, it does evil things

John 14:23 says "If anyone loves me he will keep my word..."
In other words, the love of money is its ability to determine what we do with it. It will dictate how we behave and control what we do. The inability to 'control' our appetite for money is what leads to all kinds of evil like slavery, adultery, corruption etc (Think about it!!!)

God knew we would have this problem, so He put systems in place to make sure we would always be in control of money and not the other way round. Paying Him first with our tithes & offering, and asking Him how we should allocate the remaining 90% is the critical step to recognizing Him as our Source, and breaking the control of money on our lives.

[A]pplication: I will order my finances in this order from now on; 
1. Pay God first with my tithe & offering (15%)
2. Pay myself next by putting (30%) of my income into savings and investments with (10%) for any contingencies
3. Pay Others: Bills & Expenses. Help those in need, pay off debt if any (45%)

By following this order, i only get to spend on things i can afford and stick to only thing that have been budgeted for, which helps reduce my susceptibility to impulse spending and the hold of money in my life...

As a believer, being disciplined in this area of money is extremely important, because this verse says "...craving money has allowed some people wander from the faith"
The devil wants our finances out of order so he can be in charge. Anyone who says you shouldn't pay tithe, save & help others is trying to replace God in your life, it is a strategy of the enemy, don't fall for it

[P]rayer: Father, I just ask for the Grace to always keep you first place in my life. Give me the wisdom to always remain disciplined with my finances. I am only a steward, I receive the strategy to multiply the resources you have given me so i can give me so i can give you Glory and help empower those in need in Jesus Name!!!

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  1. Great read!
    Always have God first. I've picked up something new to use this new year.
    Also love the graphic design for the concept of S. O. A.P
    It gives a great feel to it.

    1. Yayy glad you got something from it. Please use the S.O.A.P method and share your insights with us. Thanks for the feedback


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