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Daddy's First Ever Gift To Me Came In A Fancy Box, Just Like Your Spouse Did!!!

I got the first ever gift from my dad about 4years ago, for some reason, previous gifts were always included in my school fees for some reason 😒

It was in a very fancy box, but i was with friends that day, so i kept it in my room and continued to host them until i had time to open it up. I remember being distracted because this was his first ever gift to me, what could it possibly be? i couldn’t wait to find out!!!

Then it hit me recently, isn't it the same way a lot of us get into relationships with fancy boxes without ever opening them to check what’s inside? We are so engrossed in the beauty of the package that we commit to spending the rest of our lives with the box, forgetting it is the content that stays, the box eventually ends up in the bin

Jesus Christ was a box, most of us have accepted the package, but very few have looked into it. The content of Jesus reveals instant forgiveness of any sins past, present and future, freedom from guilt and shame, it guarantees your spot in Heaven with success here on earth, it reveals who you truly are when you choose to actually receive the content of His Box.

I eventually unwrapped my gift and saw a nice pair of shoes i had always wanted, it was definitely worth the wait. Why don’t you unwrap the gift of Jesus today by reading about Him…read until a clear picture is formed in your heart, trust me it will definitely be worth the wait!!!

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