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5 Letters That Will Change Your Perspective Instantly

One flight to London literally changed my life!!! For years i had been privileged to travel around the world on holidays, i would check in, get on the plane, watch movies and sleep off…it had become so normal for me.

But, the scales fell from my eyes a few years ago after reading the love letter from Jesus Christ, I remember getting to that same airport and wondering how this massive structure was going to stay in the air for 6 hours.

I remember getting to my seat and for the entire flight i couldn't stop looking outside…the people around me must have thought it was my first time traveling

I looked at the skies and clouds and just burst out speaking in tongues. How Dad? How did you create all this??? I was baffled and in awe at the same time!!! How had I never seen this before??

What happened to me that day, is what i call a "Change in Perspective

A lot of us are "Chief Complainers" (myself included), but i learnt something the other day that completely changed my approach to things. 

By simply substituting “Have to” with “Get to”, your perspective can literally change in an instant.

I was trying to convince myself to start working out again the other day…"Do i have to go jogging again today?” then i switched it…" I 'Get To' go jogging today. All of a sudden, a sense of gratitude flooded my heart

People don’t have legs to walk, but here i was contemplating whether to use mine…there are people who wish they could just enter the plane without it going anywhere and here we all are taking our daily privileges for granted.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Be thankful in ALL circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus”

What “Have to’s” can you change to “Get to’s” today. #GetTo

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