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Joke Of The Day From Genesis!!!

One day, after Adam had finished naming all the animals in the Garden of Eden, he was feeling bored and lonely, so God came down and told Adam He would make him a companion to keep him occupied, she would be called "Woman", she would cook for him, wash his clothes, do the dishes, bear him children, and if there were any disagreement at all, she would always be the first to apologise even if he was at fault. 

Adams eyes brightened up, elated with excitement and joy "WOW God, this sounds amazing, but what is this sort of woman going to cost me?"

God said "An Arm and a Leg son"

Adam pondered about it for a bit, then he asked "What do you think i can get for a rib?"

The rest, they say, is history!!! 😀

Hollywood portrays "Perfect" marriages, but they very rarely showcase the work that goes into making them. With 50% of marriages ending up in divorce, it is obvious we want the perfect partners without it costing us an arm and a leg. 

Having a successful marriage will definitely cost you a lot more than you are willing to give, but it will give you much more than you expect to get. 

Nobody jumps into a car for the first time and becomes a Lewis Hamilton, it takes time and hardwork to become successful, why should our marriages be any different?

Action Plan: 

Buy the book "5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman", i believe this is the first step to healing any struggling marriage, you'll be glad you did! Click here to order

Life Hack Of The Day;
Put your money in a sanitary napkin package before putting it in your purse/wallet, no one will ever steal it 😬

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  1. I tried that sanitary wrap p and told a friend. Let's just say I didn't find my lunch money that day

    1. Hahahaha...think this lifehack will only work for the ladies tho, how does a guy explain why he has a sanitary wrap in his wallet?


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