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Today I Learned The Movie 'Purge' isn't a Fantasy after all

Every once in a while, futuristic movies like "Minority Report" & "iRobot" give us insight into the limitless future of driverless cars, holidays in space and a technological age that would eventually see robots take on the responsibility of productivity and efficiency in our world. 

Even though it may seem inconceivable right now, if i was told 20years ago that we would have information at the tip of our fingers with the internet, Drones becoming delivery agents, the iPhone & what Augmented Reality (AR) can do today, i would have been worried that my dream was taking a bit too long to wrap up [Wake me up PLS]. 

But there is one movie that depicted a fictional future that only just a few days ago, i realized wasn't futuristic at all, in-fact it is a concept that has outlived us all. The movie called "The Purge", imagines an America where crime is literally non-existent, simply because the government had introduced an annual 12hour free-for-all, during which all criminal acts, including murder was "Acceptable". (Watch Movie Trailer Below)

In essence, if anyone stole from you, or mistakenly killed a loved one, rather than addressing the situation immediately, most people would rather wait for this 12hour period to get revenge, there would be no judgement and everything they did would be considered legal during this timeframe.

In Luke 4:19, Jesus unrolled the scroll of Isaiah and read out his assignment in the temple, the last thing he said was that He came "...to proclaim the ACCEPTABLE  year of the Lord"

Just like the 12hour purge, Jesus Christ came to give us the unique opportunity to be made right with God without judgment. It is called the dispensation of GRACE, a period of time where God is willing to accept anyone regardless of what they have done or will do as long as they believe in His Son Jesus Christ. 

It is interesting, because after the purge, everything goes back to normal, criminal activities suddenly become punishable offences again. Similarly, the dispensation of Grace will eventually come to an end on judgment day. John 16:8-9 says "And when He comes, He will convict the world of its sin, and of Gods righteousness, and of the coming judgement. The worlds sin is that it refuses to believe in me"

The only sin that will keep you from going to Heaven, isn't adultery or murder, it is the sin of not believing in Jesus Christ, the sin of not taking advantage of the "Purge". It would be a regrettable decision to miss out on Eternal life simply because you never took the time to believe Him.

The Purge is ending soon!!! What are you going to do about it??? 

MuyiwaWrites is a blog dedicated to helping you "travel light" through the journey of life. With so many people carrying heavy baggages of guilt, shame and rejection, my mission is to introduce you to a Person that will help you get rid of them, making you light and fast enough to achieve your dreams & purpose in life... 

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