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Netflix Parts Ways With Kevin Spacey Based On The Harvey Weinstein Syndrome

On the 5th of October, 2017, we were introduced to another Harvey. It wasn't the hurricane, it wasn't Harvey Spector from the popular TV series "Suits", or the Comedian and TV Show host Steve Harvey, it was Harvey Weinstein...a name i must admit i hadn't heard before, but i was certainly familiar with the company he co-founded "MIRAMAX", a film production company responsible for classics such as Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting & Kill Bill.

For decades, this man had been regarded as a Mogul, he had won multiple awards and was considered a "success" by the worlds standards, but a shocking New York Times article that revealed his alleged sexual assault and rape of certain high profile women, instigated a series of events that would expose a side to this man, the world never knew.

It got me thinking hard about life, and the emphasis we place on building our careers, making more money than we need and how on a subconscious level, we all acquire these things to gain 'Acceptance' & recognition in certain circles. If you really think about it, and honestly ask yourself "WHY" you currently do what you do...the root answer wouldn't be too far from the need to be 'Accepted' by a certain class of people. 

It is the way the world is wired, we don't get into certain circles until we have achieved & accomplished certain feats, and this drives the goals & ambitions we pursue. Harvey Weinstein is a classic example of this culture in manifestation, he is rich, famous, produced a lot of movies and has access to the top 1% of the world, but guess what? 

Even with all his 'success', he was just one big secret away from being rejected by the circle he worked so hard to get into. On the 8th of October, just 3days after the New York Times article was published, the board of his company sacked him with immediate effect, BAFTA suspended his membership on the 11th, the organization behind the Oscars voted to expel him on the 14th, Jeffrey Katzenberg, chairman of the DreamWorks film studio, described Weinstein as "a monster" at a conference organised by the Wall Street Journal on the 16th and i could go on and on, but i'm sure we get the gist.

He spent decades building a brand and a network, but was just one secret away from losing it all. Even his wife rejected him and asked for a divorce. We can judge him like everyone else, we can rain insults on him, but we all share something in common with this man, we are all just one big secret away from losing all we've ever worked for. What would happen if your worst secret came out today? Who would still be standing by you?

This was the question that changed my life forever! I realized that my acceptance in this world was totally dependent on how well i hid my flaws and secrets, but then, i read a Love Letter that spoke of a Father who has promised never to leave me or forsake me, no matter how bad i had been or will ever be, He would still ACCEPT me regardless!

couldn't believe it, but then i continued reading stories about Him and how He interacted with the worst society had to offer, one time, He met a woman caught in adultery, He didn't judge her but forgave and accepted her, He found a corrupt tax collector and turned him into a follower and author in the best selling book of all time. He met me on the 6th of March, 2013, He knew all my darkest secrets and still gave me a chance to reach out and inspire a World that would have eventually rejected me like Harvey.
This reality has totally transformed my perspective on life, if the Creator of the Universe can accept me just the way i am, i am no longer under pressure to be successful by the worlds standards, because, what money, fame and power does, is it puts us in an exclusive circle, with a membership that can be revoked at any time. 

I could spend 5 decades building a career like Bill Cosby and all my accomplishments could get wiped out with one scandal, or Kevin Spacey, the list could go on and on, why don't we learn from these people and focus on the things that really matter in this World like "Our relationship with the Universe, Discovering our Purpose & Showing love to our family and everyone around us"

Right now, my goals have been flipped on their heads, i don't aspire to own houses anymore, but to gift houses to people instead, to help the poor and needy, to ensure that nobody goes to bed hungry, to help everyone around me discover the purpose for their existence, to invest in medical research that would enable the sick amongst us to get quick and easy access to good medical treatments. The moment i stopped looking for approval from people, and got the ultimate approval from the One who really matters, my focus shifted from 'self' to 'others'

Save yourself time, and future rejections and get to know the One who Accepts you unconditionally today. Lucky for you, we are now in the dispensation of Grace, what you've done is no match for what Jesus has already done for you, once you Believe in Him, you are eternally Accepted by God Himself (Romans 10:4)

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