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Did You Know KFC Was Founded By A 65 Year Old? And Was Told 'NO' Over 1000 Times?

In 2010, i came back to Nigeria for a 2week holiday and i have been here ever since...what happened??? As funny as it may sound, i went to my friends house and he offered me a chilled bottle of Star and Suya at 12 in the afternoon...at that moment, i thought "could this be life???" my return ticket expired and  7years later and i'm still here because of Suya and Star *Sigh*

Thinking back now, i realise food usually plays a big role in where i choose to live because a similar experience happened the first time i ever travelled to England...when i got into KFC, it was love at first sight, i thought to myself " I am definitely coming to school here"...over 6years living in the UK, I believe KFC was probably the fast food joint i spent the most money on. The 3 piece chicken with fries was my default order, but it got me thinking today...i never realized it until now, but every single bite of KFC chicken i've ever had, every single bite you've ever had came from a man who left school at 16, lost 4 jobs at age 17, got married at 18, his wife left him at 20, he got fired from his sales job at 26, was broke and living out of his car at 62, by 65 he retired with $105 (N38,000) to his name...at that point he was suicidal, until he realized one thing that he had, a chicken recipe...he went out and tried to sell it to other businesses for a percentage of their profits on every chicken sold...he was told "NO" 1009 times before he ever heard his first "YES". 

He became so successful he started his own restaurant and KFC was born. At 88 he died a Multi-Millionaire because he discovered what had always been within him. 

Ephesians 3:20 (NET) says "Now to him who by the Power that is working within us is able to do far beyond all that we ask or think"

The key to your breakthrough is not far away, it is right within you. When you discover it, no matter how old you are...God is still able to exceed whatever you ask or think.

It is never too late to start. The Keyword is START!!!

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