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I saw a clip on instagram a few months ago where this lady was talking about how over 80% of Nigerians are living in poverty, but yet every business proposal she gets is always targeted at the rich…we leave the mass market for a tiny portion that has already been saturated. It seems the government is also leading in this very odd approach!!! 

Olutimehin Adegbeye at TED Talks, so eloquently gave a case study of how Lagos State and their land grabs are destroying and displacing the poor amongst us…all in the name of building the “New Dubai” aka EKO Atlantic

(In her words “you don’t need to be the New Dubai when you are already Lagos”) 

Instead of eradicating poverty, the government is more interested in eliminating the poor. They are more interested in servicing the top 10% at the expense of the 90% that actually need it more

Some key lines in her talk:

- The first thing we are taught to forget about poor people is that they are actually people

- Government exists to serve not just those who build and live in luxury homes but also those who clean and guard them

- Our realities may differ, but our rights don’t 

- The minimum requirement for a dream is a safe place to lay your head

This talk was an eye opener…listen to it and lets know your thoughts!!! (Follow me on Instagram @MuyiwaOmosa 

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