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Step 3: Create Your Vision Board

Remember the "Major Goals" we were able to decode in Step 2?
In step 3, we were going to be putting a visual representation to them...i'm sure you've heard the saying "A pictures speaks a thousand words".

The objective here is imprint images of our future into our minds so that we can begin to attract them into our lives. So, as usual i will be sharing my vision board with you to give you an idea of how it will work for you as well;

1) I am constantly growing deeper in my relationship with God

God spoke to Moses face to face, their relationship was that close...i want that type of Relationship with my Father
2) I am a loving Husband & Responsible Father

My wifes love language is Quality time, it is the way she perceives Love, so that picture just depicts what i should be doing to sustain our marriage

The best gift i can give my children is a thirst for the right Information, access to God through His word
3) I am a growing as a Leader & in Influence. 

4) I am now a certified Success Coach

5) I am the Author of a Published Book

6) I now travel every year for Inspiration, Family time and Relaxation

7) Expansion of TEN:4: a platform that is passionate about bringing everyone to the awareness of what Romans 10:4 says "...all who Believe in Jesus are made right with God"

8) I now have a Network of influencers in various fields that i have access to

9) I run a blog with a huge social media presence doing at least a million visits a day

10) I have now bought land in Nigeria and Canada 

11) I am now financially independent doing what i love 

12) I am healthy and fit with no pot belly

Every morning and night, i get to look at these images to constantly remind myself of where i am heading...the more i practice this, the deeper it gets into my heart, and you ultimately become who you are in your heart!!! 

Why don't you try doing yours as well...send it over so i can post it on here to encourage others and it can even be your very own Vision Board page you have access to anytime. Looking forward to them

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