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Step 2: List & Affirm Your Goals!!!

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the 2nd tallest building in the world, but it didn't just appear on the face of the earth. It had to be conceived in the mind of someone first, and then transferred into a document called a "Blueprint" which then became the layout and picture that was used to physically construct it.

We started off in Step 1 trying to visualise where we hope to be in the next 10years, in essence we tried to conceive the Burj Khalifa in our minds first. If you haven't read "Step 1", please check it out before going forward.

Setting goals are a major factor in the creation of the best version of ourselves, without goals success cannot be achieved. Now, based on the exercise we did in Step 1, we are going to filter it and come up with the major goals we need to work with in order to attain our individual Burj Khalifas.

This is what Step 2 is all about...it gets really interesting here 😊
It is like setting a 12month goal to physically see the Burj Khalifa, your major goals would be to first do some research on where it is, identify how much it would cost for the trip, getting a visa, buying a ticket, booking a hotel, packing your bags etc, all these things would need to be done for your ultimate goal to be materialised.

The goals that will be deduced here are the things we will need to accomplish in order to get to our destination in 10years. So, based on the result in my Step 1 exercise...i was able to come up with these goals for my 4year plan:

1) I am constantly growing deeper in my relationship with God

2) I am a loving Husband & Responsible Father

3) I am a growing as a Leader & in Influence

4) I am now a certified Life & Career coach

5) I am the Author of a Published Book

6) I now travel every year for Inspiration, Family time and Relaxation

7) Expansion of TEN:4: a platform that is passionate about bringing everyone to the awareness of what Romans 10:4 says "...all who Believe in Jesus are made right with God"

8) I now have a Network of influencers in various fields that i have access to

9) I run a blog with a huge social media presence doing at least a million visits a day

10) I have now bought land in Nigeria and Canada 

11) I am now financially independent doing what i love 

12) I am healthy and fit with no pot belly

So, there we have it...my 4year goals, i don't know how it is going to happen or when...but i have a plan and God needs a plan to work with. Ephesians 3:20 says "God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think". We literally need to ask or think something, before He can exceed it. 

Lastly, what we have now is like raw seasoned chicken in a pot, in order for it to become edible it needs Fire!!! That Fire is what i call "Affirmation". It is how we keep the goals burning in our hearts, so that you don't forget them. Infact, in my experience, it is how new ideas and opportunities are born. 

When i did this exercise, i immediately knew i had to re-structure my day to reflect this list...by the time i had done it, i immediately realized i had to wake up much earlier to start my day...i had been trying for years to wake up early, all of a sudden i didn't need an alarm clock anymore...my Goals became my alarm clock!!!

Some practical steps I use is I start my day with them, I read them out loud and just meditate on them so the pictures can get clearer (close your eyes, read out one of your goals and let your mind go to work), I write down whatever ideas come to my mind...the more consistently i have done it, the more new ideas and opportunities have come my way. Try it!!! 

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