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How Do I Overcome Sexual Addiction when it Feels so Good???

This is probably one of the realest takes on sexual addiction i've heard so far...

One thing i picked up was "Your WHY has to be bigger than your addiction"

Personally, i found that the deciding trigger for my freedom from porn addiction was when i had an encounter at a seminar...with my eyes closed, i saw myself speaking to a crowd of people which came as a shock for me, because if i had to pick between speaking publicly and getting shot with a gun, i'd have probably chosen the latter...

But then, i heard something else that defined who i am today, "If you keep living your current lifestyle you will NEVER become that person" I felt chills immediately and at that moment a new person was born, i stopped drinking, i had sex a week later with the girl i was seeing then and cried like a baby after...it was the last time it happened until my wedding night.

The moment i saw a vision for my life, it determined my behaviour. I realised the distraction from these vices, from porn addiction, would never make that vision a reality so i dropped them immediately.

If you are currently struggling with sexual addiction, it might be an indicator that you need a vision, and if you have one...it might be an indicator you are not focusing on it enough.

If you need help crafting one...check out my write up here

Listen to the entire clip and lets know what else you got from it in the comments section

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