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Nathaniel Bassey's Song Was On, I Raised My Hands In Worship And Then Saw Pogba???

At the end of the last year, i remember standing in church during worship...hands in the air, praising God...to the onlooker i was deep in worship but in my mind all i was thinking of was the Man U game later that day. I was trying my hardest to focus but i couldn't seem to connect, so i told God i wasn't enjoying my worship experience with Him...all of a sudden He told me to be quiet, stop singing and listen to the words of the songs. 

Hands came down, eyes closed and mind went to work...the words started to paint a picture in my heart...for the next 5mins i was still, and then i got an impression of something that would forever change my life. 

I heard Him say "Do you realise i made the World in 6days and every single day for the past 2000years, man has been discovering something new about me in creation ever since?" 

I was like WOW, where did that come from??? From that day onwards, that question has shown me the Power of God in ways i cannot explain...that is now where i start from whenever i want to worship Him, it has been my connector. 

I don't know if it is only me it happens to, but we've all gotten used to certain worship songs where the words have lost their meaning, we just react to the melody of the songs, but at your next worship session, i wish you would just take a minute or 2 to listen and internalise the words first before singing along...

John 4:24 "For God is Spirit, so those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth"

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