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Step 1: Where Are You Going?

I am yet to see anyone at the airport walk into a plane without knowing where the plane is going first...yet a lot of us risk the only life we've been given on a journey without a destination. 

You need to set goals for your life in order to achieve anything. The person you want to become in 20years only begins when you are able to visualise that person today and identify what you need to do consistently over time to bring that person into reality. 

Right now, I am going to be asking some questions that will help you engage your imagination, so that you can create the picture you want to see in a few years...i will also be answering these questions myself to give you an idea of how it has worked for me so far. 

Take time to DO this exercise, things will begin to unlock when you start...keyword is START!!!

First, i'd like you to imagine your ideal scene in 10 years...avoid all distractions when doing this exercise, go into a quiet place (without your phone), and for each question...read it and then close your eyes and visualise first....allow the picture form in your heart, then write what you see down. A Ferrari isn't built in a day, don't rush the process...you are worth more than a 1000 Ferrari's...take your time to build Yourself!!! 

First question;

- How old are you in 10 years?
"When i did this, rather than use a 10year plan, i used 4years because i wanted to push myself to achieve certain things by the time i turned 35, so you can be flexible here but if you are not sure, just use 10years"

- What roles will you be playing in 10years? (Will you be married? be a Parent? Working? Business? Active in Church? etc) 

In the right order: 
- I am a Citizen of Gods Kingdom
- Husband
- Father
- Success Coach
- Author
- Speaker
- Investor

- What kind of work and career do you have? 

- In 4years i will be a certified Success coach with a huge online presence
- I would have published my first book
- I would be running Training Seminars, Blog, Youtube & Podcast Channel

- What is a typical day for you? (close your eyes and visualise your day from the moment you wake up in 10 years)

- Quiet time with God in the morning (Meditation) at 5am
- Study my Bible
- Schedule my to-do list for the day (7am)
- Read a book 
- Listen to Podcasts 
- Write on my Blog that is doing over a million views daily 
- Make short Motivational videos
- Have an Interview with an influencer for the Podcast and Youtube Channel
- I have a team around me and we are planning a book signing/speaking tour around the world
- Life coaching sessions with clients 
- Quality time with wife and kids
- Evening devotion with the family 

- What do you do for relaxation and inspiration?

- Reading books on holiday in a high rise hotel in Monaco with a view of the sea
- Spending time with the Holy Spirit in meditation
- Family time on holiday

- What are you doing to contribute to a better world?

- Writing books & recording content that will inspire and change people
Organising trainings all over the world helping people plan for success  early in life
- Helping other marriages through mine
- Continuous learning 
- Making sure people don't go to bed hungry through charity and empowerment platforms
- Advocating for better Education in Africa
- Bringing real change to the Government of Nigeria

- What have you been able to accomplish?

- Deeper relationship with God
- Marital Bliss with 2 respectful and happy children
- Published a book
- Blog averaging a million hits per day
- At least a million followers on every social media platform
- Recognised Success Coach & Motivational Speaker
- Contributor to online media outlets and TV stations
- Own our house
- Own land in Canada & Nigeria

- Where do you live?

I currently live in Alberta, Canada and Lagos Nigeria...i shuttle back and forth

- What does your home look like? 

- Unique exterior with Modern interiors
- 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
- Basement Office
- Backyard with playground
- Wooden floors
- Elevated outdoor meeting area

- What are your most intimate relationships like?

- I have relationships that add value, that i am accountable to
- Mutually beneficial
- Meet for dinner regularly
- Pray together and for each other 
- Always looking out for opportunities for each other

- What is your family like?

- 1 wife and 2 kids (boy & girl)
- We have a family vision board with values we live by
- Family dinners and Quality time sessions
- God is our rock and foundation
- Morning and Evening devotion 
- We are church leaders in our community 

- What is the quality of your life like?

- I have peace in Christ through Grace to build a life worthy of His Glory
- Money is my servant and it responds whenever i need it
- I have multiple streams of income that are able to pay my bills comfortably
- I am living a fulfilling life doing what i love for work, training people and helping them connect the dots in their lives 
- I work out 2/3 times a week
- Bi-Annual medical check ups with access to the best medical facilities 

- How would someone close to you describe you?

- An inspiration
- A role model
- A blessing to humanity 
- Generous
- Selfless 
- Spirit Led
- God writes and speaks through him
- Gods vessel
- A national solution

- What are your physical and emotional states?

- No Pot Belly!!!
- I am secure in who i am
- Very optimistic about what the future holds

- What are your mental and spiritual states?

- Still seek God everyday
- Study my Bible
- Conscious of my righteousness in Christ

Now, from my experience doing this...i began noticing some changes in my life, i started doing things that i wouldn't normally do...for example, with my goal to have a million followers in 4years, i began writing more and posting on instagram and facebook, i started sending my write ups to celebrities so they could repost...now this is something i wouldn't normally do, but that goal pushed me out of my comfort zone because the vision i could see in 4years was much bigger than any awkward situation i would be facing right now.

I believe as you do this exercise, your mind will begin to shift and it will become more conscious of what you need to do to make that dream a reality. I'm sure you now have a snapshot of what my life will look like in 4years, what about yours? Make your plan and share it with us if you feel led...PAINT PAINT PAINT!!!!!

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