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There Is Now A Way To Convert Your "Thank You's" Into $1m

A few years ago, i went through an intensive weight loss programme...i was working out 5times a week and eating healthier, all of a sudden i realized my clothes fit better, my face wasn't as chubby anymore, i felt attractive again and ever since then, the fashionista in me has come alive. 

I started getting a lot of compliments like, "You look good", "I love the way you dress", "You are always looking on point", "How do you come up with these combinations?" and obviously, i would always say "Thank You" and smile 😊

But it dawned on me recently, where have all the "Thank You's" gotten me? I say Thank You a lot, but what if there was a way i could "Switch the Thank You's" to my benefit? What if there was a way i could switch it from "Thank You" for the Compliments to "Thank You for your Patronage"?

You see, a lot of us get signals everyday in subtle forms...we get affirmation for things we are naturally good at, but we unconsciously say thank you without recognising the message behind the message. It could be an indicator that your gift is speaking, but people are hearing it louder than you are. 

How many times do you say "Thank You"? Get a journal on your phone and record every time you say these words, go over them every week for 3months, you'll be shocked what you discover. 

After doing mine, i discovered i got the most likes when i either wrote an article, or gave someone advise, at the same time i was still getting my fashionista compliments, so that led me to starting this blog, i am also in the process of building a platform that will help Secondary Schools students get the tools they need for life after school, so they avoid making common mistakes...there could also be a clothing line in the works 😜

So what "Thank You's" are you Switching today??? Do the test and lets know how it worked out for you (Kindly share this article with your contacts, or anyone you know might need it)

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