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The Biggest Fight in History...Or is it?

The biggest and most unexpected fight in boxing history is now upon us, but it’s not the first time it has happened…who remembers the battle between Davids & goliath? I know you may think there is no correlation here, because one isn’t a giant and the other a teenager…but give me a second

If you recall, when David had convinced Saul to allow him fight goliath, Saul then offered him his armor and sword for "protection", but when David wore it, he said something that has deeply struck me to this day…he said “…i cannot walk with these, for i have not TESTED them…” - Samuel 17:39

This fight isn’t a battle of strength, speed or even skill, but one that will come down to experience…“who has been TESTED in the boxing ring more???” Goliath was expecting a close combat style of fight, but David knew he was never going to go close enough to get hit.

We all watch Game of Thrones, you don’t see Jon Snow go to battle with a bow and arrow…you are only expected to engage in battles with weapons that have been tried & TESTED.

I don’t dispute the talents of McGregor, he is a beast in the cage, but right now he is going to be like a beast going into water to fight a shark…not just any shark, but one that has never been defeated in water...What odds would you give this beast?
I am not saying this is an automatic victory for Mayweather, because anything can happen…but what i would say is that the odds are overwhelmingly in his favour.

But what about you? What weapons have you been fighting with? Have they been TESTED??? Have you read those verses to the point where you are now convinced about them? The enemy only responds to Words that have been TESTED!!!

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