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You Ever Heard The Christian Remix To Give Me "Something Light"?

The first time i ever heard Falz, i remember i was in Bristol and one of my guys was blasting one song in his room, it was hilarious…we all started laughing hard, most people probably haven’t heard of “Shakara” (i reside in “Bamingham”, sometimes “Liverpuuu”, Check it out in the youtube video below if you haven’t heard it before, it was done in 2009)

But, about a week ago i saw his new video while scrolling on instagram “Something Light” and as usual i got “my own” message from it 

We all know how 5000 men gathered to listen to Jesus one day, and after the sermon there was no food to give them…the disciples wanted to chase them away but Jesus told them to give Him "Something Light” that He could multiply…5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes, He gave thanks, blessed it and broke it. Suddenly, what was not enough eventually became more than enough. 

We always complain we don’t have enough to do what we want…we look at the 5 loaves & 2 fishes in our lives and don’t even recognise them, we don’t see their potential…you have a laptop, facebook was created from one…you have books gathering dust around you, a page in there can literally transform your life. You always have something around you, who do you know??? God will only ‘multiply’ what you can ‘identify’...give Him "something light” today

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