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The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

I just heard a story that took me down memory lane, back to primary school…i’m sure you’ve probably heard it before. The story of the Goose that laid the Golden egg? If you didn’t hear this story, your primary school must have been “hmmm”

So, basically, there was a farmer who one morning discovered his goose had laid a yellow egg, he thought it was a joke until he went to appraise it and was told it was real gold and was worth about $10,000. 

The next morning, same thing happened and continued like that for a week…then this farmer had a great idea, rather than wait everyday for these golden eggs, why don’t i get everything at once!!! So he cut the goose open and found nothing…he lost both the goose and the golden eggs that day. 

Have you ever been introduced to a popular/wealthy client, and all of a sudden your eyes pop open “I DON HAMMER” and because you believe this client has a lot of money, you overcharge for your service…what you’ve just done is the equivalent of opening the Goose in order to collect all the golden eggs, you will end up losing both the client and future earnings!!! 

5 lessons from the Goose

1) When God wants to bless us with golden eggs, He gives us a goose that can lay them (job, relationships, ideas etc)

2) God often uses the familiar goose to produce our golden eggs, the farmers goose was close by. You need to identify what is very familiar and regular around you. 

Our greatest breakthroughs are always around us…what we are looking for is always looking at us

God will always put your next step within your step...Jesus said "the Kingdom is near you" not far away

3) To receive continuous supply of golden eggs, we must constantly take care of the goose that lays them. 

A successful marriage requires continuous learning and sacrifice...if you continue feeding it, you will continue to produce peace and happiness in your home.

A successful nation thrives on Eternal principles and the enforcement of those principles. If you manage these 2 things, you will produce a wealthy and peaceful nation.

4) When we pay more attention to the golden eggs than the goose we will eventually lose both.  

5) Our golden eggs will be laid on a steady day by day basis. 
Don’t plan for miracles, plan for consistency…miracles are just a bonus

Inspired from a sermon by Mensah Otabil

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