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This Research Shows That Most People Spray Perfumes Before Having A Shower

I once had a friend, who before having a bath would clean himself first, he would comb his hair, use a towel with water to wipe himself down, would spray deodorant, moisturise himself and use his perfume before jumping into the shower to actually take a bath (ok by now, you know i’m just joking right?)

But do you realise it is the same way a lot of us see God? You feel you can’t pray or go to church because just the night before you were out till late, some of you even engaged in pre-marital sex with someone you just met…you probably still have a porn addiction you are dealing with…and in your mind, you just need to get rid of these bad habits before you can come to God.

It is a strategy of the enemy guys…just like a dirty person would see a shower running and immediately jump in so they can be made clean, it is the same process with God. You are supposed to run to him with your problems/addictions, not fix them first. It is in His presence, and in His shower that you can be made clean and set free. 

I don’t know what you are currently going through, what addictions you currently have, but the solution is in Him. Ephesians 5:26 says “…to make her Holy and clean, WASHED by the cleansing of Gods WORD”  Why don't you try taking a proper shower today!!! 🛁

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