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If The Devil Could Quote Bruce Lee, This Is What He Would Say!!!

I feel like, if the devil could re-quote Bruce Lee in his own words, it would be "I fear not the christian who has read 10,000 chapters once, but i fear the one who has practiced one chapter 10,000 times"

I stumbled on this illustration the other day;

"A gang of thieves broke into a jewellery store, but instead of stealing anything, they switched the price tags. The next day, nobody noticed, and people were spending huge amounts of money to buy cheap junk, while others were paying a couple of dollars for incredibly expensive jewellery. Someone has switched the tags on our planet with the result that people are focusing on the wrong things"

So, my question to you is, "what tags have been switched in your life?" The devil has put the expensive price tags on the number of chapters we read everyday, so we can ignore the cheap price tags on verses, that if focused on, can literally change our lives.

Action Plan:
- Pick a verse and study it using the S.O.A.P method, it is an acronym for (S)cripture, (O)bservation, (A)pplication & (P)rayer...If you need to see an example, you can click here or watch the video below

A popular quote says "Whatever we focus on, expands". When you read a verse over and over, you begin to discover deeper and deeper perspectives on it, the verse will literally begin to expand with new revelations inside you. Try it out and see

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