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Patrice Evra Should Have Read This Before Kicking A Fan In The Face

Criticism was one of the biggest fears i had starting my blog, I was constantly wondering if people would agree with my views on certain things, what if there was a major controversy that made me go viral for the wrong reasons? My reputation would be on the line *sigh*, these thoughts held me captive for years, the fear of criticism literally delayed me from pursuing my purpose and left me with imaginary handcuffs for 24months. 

But one day, i heard a story that totally changed my life. In a trance, this athlete was at the olympics representing Nigeria for the 800m race, he heard the whistle and dashed off the starting line with intent. After the first 400m, he had already created a 100m gap between himself and the next runner, the Nigerian fans were ecstatic and cheering him on, but this athlete had a funny way of running, it looked unconventional but surprisingly it was working for him and this angered the supporters from other represented countries. 

They started heckling him, shouting and howling insults at him, some even made discriminatory gestures, at this point, he decided he had - had enough, he ran off the tracks, and went into the stands and started confronting the other fans, the Nigerian supporters joined him and this caused a major scene, but because of the sensitivity of the argument and the fact that they hadn't expected him to be so irrational about it, they were stunned in silence. 

The Nigerian athlete eventually dominated and looked like he had won the argument, but the distraction had cost him the race. Isn't that what happens when we focus more on the chatter box rather than on our goals?

The best way to handle criticism is to win the race, keep your eyes focused on the finish line so much, you cant even hear the haters heckling at you, or you can deal with it using this action plan;

- Expect it! People are different and not everyone will see things from your perspective, there is always going to be criticism, when you expect them, they don't catch you off guard

- Listen and figure out if the criticism is constructive or not 

- If they are, analyse the feedback and make the necessary changes

- If they aren't, ignore them and keep it moving 

Always have this image in your heart, you are already on your way to winning the race, don't allow negative criticisms distract you from finishing. Kim Kardashian is probably one of the most criticised celebrities ever, guess who wins the race most times...

There is someone who needs to hear this message, someone who is scared of what people might say, who is battling starting that business because of the fear of failure. Kindly share this post with your friends on facebook via the links below, they'll be glad you did 😊

P.S Is Daddy Freeze' criticism of the Church constructive or not? Should the Church respond? I'd let you be the judge of that! Lets know what you think in the comments section! 

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