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I Want To Be Rich & Famous, But 2Pac Doesn't Agree With Me 🤔

One of my major regrets in life was starting my first company with no experience and very little research, i ended up mismanaging almost $100,000 and losing my investors their hard earned cash, mainly because i was foolish enough to think i could create my path alone with nobody's help.

What i later found out was that the popular quote "Experience is the best teacher" really wasn't incorrect, but i'd say it was incomplete because "Other peoples Experiences are the best teacher"

That experience exposed me to a harsh reality that i have since learnt from and has suddenly become one of the cardinal rules i abide by before going into any venture. I remember about a year before i got married, i realized a mistake in this area of my life would cost me more than i had ever lost...so what did i do??? i read a lot of books on marriage, each book had at least 30years worth of experience in them...if i read just 5 books, i'd have saved myself 150years worth of trial and error by simply spending a few hours learning from the mistakes of those who had gone ahead of me.

Which brings me to my point...a lot of us look up to celebrities, they have a lot of money and fame. Our culture has defined these people as what we should aspire to become...almost everything we do in life is geared towards making money and becoming rich and famous, unconsciously we have been sold the idea that we need all these things to be happy...but why don't we just listen to a few of these people who have achieved all the fame and fortune we are aspiring for...maybe we can save ourselves decades of wrong decisions and focus on the things that really matter NOW

The video is just 7 minutes short, features celebrities like Lady Gaga, Russell brand, 2Pac, the guy from the popular hit show "How I met Your Mother" and many more, it will be worth it...Trust Me!!!

This video was amazing but one thing it didn't hit on was a true solution...if true happiness can't be found in things, then what fills that void? What quenches that thirst?

The 3minute video below gives a solution i fully subscribe to...i have been broke to a point where i had no money on me and i was still the happiest guy, i was still so grateful to be alive. When most people would have committed suicide i was busy encouraging others and giving them hope instead. I fully subscribe to this because it is currently my reality, the void has been filled...the thirst is being quenched daily. Make sure you check it out, your experience right now wouldn't be complete without it

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