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"How Do You Surround Yourself With The Right Team At Work?"

"Seek First" is a platform inspired from Matthew 6:33 where we are encouraged to Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, live righteously, and everything we need will be given to us.

Our objective is to show you the practicality of this verse and hopefully inspire you to seek Him first daily. We use the S.O.A.P model as a study guide to help fulfill this mandate. We pick different scriptures and try to figure out how we can apply them to our daily lives, how they relate to the Kingdom of God and how we can live righteously through them. (S)cripture (O)bservation (A)pplication (P)rayer

(S)cripture: Luke 1:41, 44 "At the sound of Mary's greeting, Elizabeth's child leaped within her, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit...(44) When i heard your greeting, the baby in my womb jumped for joy"

(O)bservation: John was going to play a major role in the unveiling of Jesus Christ to the World, he was essential to the fulfilment of Jesus' purpose here on earth. 

When Mary greeted Elizabeth, John leaped within her...have you ever been speaking to certain people and something on your inside just became happy? Could it be an indicator of a destiny helper? 

Verse 44 says the baby in her womb jumped for joy. We all have "baby" projects we are working on, you are either starting a business, working on a project at work or have a side hustle you are trying to bring to life...the manifestation of that project is highly dependent on the team driving it. 

Quick question, does your project jump for joy with your current team? 


A lot of people are looking for their future partners, when you finally get potential candidates...which one makes your "Purpose" jump for joy? not your feelings, but your Purpose. When my wife was revealed to me, we got talking...told her i was born to help connect the dots in other peoples lives, she said her purpose was to make marriages work...immediately i felt a connection...my purpose leaped for joy, it meant we could even work together in fulfilling each others dream...the decision was made!!!

(A)pplication: Discover your purpose, so that you can attract the right people. Jesus and John knew exactly why they were here so it was easy for them to connect. 

When you are working on a project, start with your WHY, not WHAT or HOW. The purpose of that business is very essential to the formation of its team. Spend time defining why you are starting that project...this video changed my life a few years ago

People attract the wrong people when the destination isn't clearly defined. You will attract the wrong spouse if you don't know where you are going in life. 

Practice the 5 WHYs: For example...

Why did i start this blog? (I wanted to help people connect the dots in their lives through my unique insights on life and God)

Why? (because i wanted to expose people to good information in a subtle way)
Why? (because good information produces good people)
Why? (good people will produce good things)
Why? (Better World for everyone)

(P)rayer: Father, i just thank You for the connections You have brought into my life so far. The wife You gave me has shown me how true connections are supposed to work, i ask for this connection to be replicated in every area of my life in Jesus Name. Help me start with You in everything that i do....not with my purpose but with Your Purpose. I am leaving my comfort zone over the next few weeks and starting the project You told me to do a few years ago, i need the right team around me, let there be supernatural connections today in Jesus Name.

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