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How I Would Spend An Hour With God!

March 5, 2013 is a day that i will never forget. I had gotten so drunk some days before that i couldn’t even drive…infact i was just a mess, i got to church on this day and heard a message (IN-Formation) from Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar that would totally transform my life. That message literally reproduced a new person within me 👶…ever since then, i have just come to totally love & respect this man and his family.

I have always wondered what it would be like to spend an hour with him…this is a man who runs a 25,000 Mega Church, he is an International Speaker and Global Leader…Just one hour of his time would be an awesome opportunity to get to know the brain behind the man.

If i ever got this opportunity, i wonder…how would i spend it? It is often said that when you are in the presence of a wiser and more experienced person, the best thing to do is to simply listen more than you speak…if you speak too much, you expose your ignorance because the person probably already knows or has a much deeper understanding of it than you do.

One hour with Pastor Sam, Hmmm…1minute for my question, 20mins for his wisdom with me taking notes…another minute for another question, 20-30 minutes of another inflow of wisdom, i would give him a seed and ask him to pray for me.

Quick question though…How would you spend an hour will Bill Gates? Or with Mark Zuckerberg?
Now think...🤔 How would you spend an hour with GOD??? Would you speak more than you listened??? Remember who you are meeting for a second…the Creator of everything you can see 🌞🌙🌊🌈🍎, the Most Intelligent One, the One who knows the Solution to every problem you are going through…instead of telling him your problems, why not just listen for His instructions!!!🙇

When you call a friend and your friend takes over the conversation, the phone call didn't just end because you stopped talking, the same principle applies with prayer…when you stop talking and start listening, it doesn't signify prayer has ended, rather it shows your wisdom in submitting to a higher MIND.

Try it NOW...how would you spend just 10mins with God? 💆🏼‍♂️💆

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