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Are You Currently Confused About Life? You Might Need A Special Guest Appearance

A very important machine in a factory broke down one day and everyone started to panic, they had called several people to help fix it but they couldn’t, so they were referred to this expert.

He walked in, looked around the machine for about an hour, took out his spanner from his bag 🛠and hit the top part of the machine, then all of a sudden the machine was back up and running…everyone was happy until they got the bill from the man for $1,000.😳

The manager was shocked, “i was there with you the whole time, all you did was hit a part of the machine, there is no way i’m paying that…send us an itemised bill”

The expert didn't argue, he sent the itemised bill as requested:
Taking spanner out of bag [$1]
Knowing where to hit [$999]

The Wisdom of God is like this expert, He knows exactly where to HIT in your life 🔧. That spot that would totally transform your situation? Yup...He knows exactly where it is!!!

The Bible is full of simple instructions that have been designed to fix every area of our lives. Allow the Word HIT you today so you can get fixed

It all begins, when you invite the expert into your company...He is currently waiting for your call ⌚ Romans 10:4 “…all who Believe in Jesus are made right with God” 

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