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The Grace Of God Just Doesn't Get You Into Heaven, It Helps You Build Here On Earth Too

"Seek First" is a platform inspired from Matthew 6:33 where we are encouraged to Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, live righteously, and everything we need will be given to us.

Our objective is to show you the practicality of this verse and hopefully inspire you to seek Him first daily. We use the S.O.A.P model as a study guide to help fulfill this mandate. We pick different scriptures and try to figure out how we can apply them to our daily lives, how they relate to the Kingdom of God and how we can live righteously through them. (S)cripture (O)bservation (A)pplication (P)rayer

(S)cripture: 1 Corinthians 1:3 (NLT) "May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you Grace and Peace"

(O)bservation:  As i read this verse, i realised i had seen it in several places throughout the New Testament, especially in Pauls letters, it's like this was one of Pauls favourite prayers to people...he prayed that they would have Grace & Peace. 

So I know what Grace is...but what does it mean to have Peace? My research took me back to the Old Testament. Read these 2 verses and see if you can see a pattern

1 Chronicles 22:18-19 says "The Lord your God is with you, he declared. He has given you Peace with the surrounding nations. He has handed them over to me, and they are now subject to the Lord and his people. Now seek the Lord your God with all your heart and soul. Build the sanctuary of the Lord God so that you can bring the Ark of the Lords covenant and the Holy vessels of God into the Temple Built to honor the Lords name"

2 Chronicles 14:7 "Asa told the people of Judah, Let us Build towns and fortify them with walls, towers, gates, and bars. The land is still ours because we sought the Lord our God, and He has given us Peace on every side. So they went ahead with these projects and brought them to completion.

In the Old Testament, there were always wars between nations...a lot of people died, a lot of property was destroyed...so it didn't make sense to build anything when a war could literally be starting the next day and all your hardwork will be destroyed...

If you think about it, Solomon never fought any wars...he is the only King to have enjoyed Peace on every side, and that gave him the time he needed to seek Gods face and then Build a sanctuary for Him amongst other things. 

So, in essence the pattern i can deduce here is that Grace produces Peace which then empowers us to Build. Infact, the relationship between David and Solomon is a visual representation of what Jesus Christ did for us on the Cross. David fought and won all the battles, and then passed over to Solomon a Kingdom where he didn't have to fight any battles, Jesus did the same thing for us and has now given us Peace on every side to help us Build

Here is my point, we've all been given Grace but it doesn't stop there...we now need to understand that this Grace has been given to us so it can produce Peace - Peace that will empower us to Build our lives in Christ. The strategy of the enemy is to disturb our Peace so we can stop Building...he makes us feel guilt and shame, distracts us with temptations that will further take us into more guilt and shame...but I am here to give you the Power you need to destroy his hold on you. Grace is much more than you think

Ephesians 2:14-20 is a long read so i'll just pick out the verses that we need here "(17) He brought this Good News of Peace to you Gentiles who were far away from Him, and Peace to the Jews who were near. Now all of us can come to the Father through the same Holy Spirit because of what Christ has done for us...(20) together, we are His house, Built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus Himself"

I think i have stumbled on something here...😱

(A)pplication: I need to identify the areas of my life where i am not experiencing Peace, where i am at a standstill...find out what does God say about it in His word? And then ACT on it. 
For example, if your marriage isn't experiencing Peace, you need to go and find out what the Bible says about it, listen to sermons on it and then apply the principles you get from it. The famous Tony Robbins once said "Knowledge isn't Power, It is Potential Power...Executed Knowledge is Power"
In other words, it is not the Truth you know that sets you free, but what you do with what you know!!!

Nigeria needs Peace first before it can build, an all inclusive national vision where every region of the country sees how they can be prosperous in this land, is the only way we can build our nation. A nation where there is justice for EVERYONE!!!

- Think & List the areas of your life you are currently struggling with
- Search for it in the Bible using the search option or simply go to the back of your Bible (Concordance) and look for the word or something similar, you will start to see verses that relate to it...write all of them down and begin meditating on them until a picture appears in your heart
- You may want to watch some youtube videos to give you more understanding (I would recommend Myles Munroe, but you can also search for other people you feel led to)
- Do what it says

(P)rayer: Father, thank You for the Holy Spirit who is the only One who could have ever revealed this truth to me...i am a witness of Your Power and Wisdom, i don't need science to prove that You exist...encounters like these are what i hold on to...

Thank You for Your Grace Lord, i ask that You help me identify the areas in my life where construction has stopped...direct me to the right scriptures that will give me the Peace i need to continue building a life that will bring you Glory in Jesus Name

I also pray for my country Nigeria, give us the wisdom we need to create a Vision that everyone can buy into, so that there can be peace in our land. Raise leaders who aren't just thinking of the next election, but true leaders who will make decisions that will positively impact the next generation in Jesus Name 

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