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Where Are The Men?

I remember a session during marriage counseling where a question was posed to the men present "would you be willing to die for your fiancé if you had to?" (Hmmm i'm sure we can all guess what my answer was 🙈, i know your answer too so don't judge me)

Anyway, a few months later i was married and started to connect with my wife on a deeper level than we had experienced when we were dating. Then i realized i was beginning to feel like her Voltron, on our honeymoon we would go into different shops and immediately i would be wondering if she was safe, we were walking on the street one day, i saw a guy riding a bicycle towards her direction and unconsciously i switched positions with her (I don't want to be hit by a bicycle, so why did i just do that?)

As men we have been built with a protective nature...i know I couldn't answer that question openly at the marriage counseling session but i want to believe i would die for either her or my son if it meant their safety. I believe most men would do the same 😏

Now, the question is...if most men would give their lives for their wives or children when confronted with danger...why is it that we allow our wives go into spiritual battles on our behalf? Why aren't we switching positions when we see danger coming in this area? Why do we expose them to battles we were built to LEAD?

There is no stat to back this up but i believe most women are the spiritual coverings in their homes, they lead prayers, go to church more and are more spiritually sensitive than their husbands, when it should be the other way round.

Eve was made to complement/help the vision God had given Adam.
I just want to challenge every husband & father out there, take hold of your responsibility and remember that the true measure of a man is in how Spiritually & Emotionally healthy his family is.

Leadership is simply "Initiating", call your wife...tell her you want the family to start praying together every night at a particular time, set a reminder on your phone so you don't forget...trust me she would love to hear you say that!!!

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