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The BluePrint: Introduction!!!

One of the deepest quotes i've ever heard was when someone said "People find themselves in prison because they didn't plan to be somewhere else"

Most people find themselves in jobs they hate, in marriages that don't work, in careers that are going nowhere and with mistakes they regret simply because they never planned for something better. The were reacting to life rather than being proactive about it.

In my case, i found myself out of High school with no idea why i was going to College, i was just going to get a degree because it was the next logical step...there was no thought into who i wanted to become as a person, so i went into College and partied away, studied just to pass exams without really understanding what i was reading...i chose a course that sounded nice but never took time to see if the curriculum fit into what i was trying to achieve, so right from my very first lecture...i knew i had made a mistake. 

I could go on, but the idea of this platform is make sure you don't go through the same mistakes i went through...i want to help people between the ages of 16 & 23 ask some very vital questions about where they want to be in the next 20-30 years, so that it can instil some discipline in them and give them the direction they need to journey through the complexities of life. 

I believe Success is a result of vital decisions made ahead of time...maybe if you had a vision of becoming the First Female President of your country, you wouldn't sleep around because the fact that you could get pregnant could change the reality of that vision. Maybe if you were going to build a business empire that would employ thousands of people you wouldn't take drugs or excessively drink alcohol, because these vices will distract you from bringing that vision to life.  

I will be giving you tools in the section, with examples from my life that will equip you with what you need to paint a picture of the person you want to become in future. The decisions you make today will determine what you see tomorrow.

Invite your friends to join us, and more importantly...pls be advised that just reading will do nothing...i will need you to act on what you read, take time to do the exercises that will be recommended on here, it is only through active participation you will see the results you seek. 

I believe in you, this thing can work for literally anyone...i used to be the dumbest person on the planet...if it could work for me, it can definitely work for you.

God Bless

Muyiwa Omosa
Instagram: @Muyiwaomosa

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