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Are We Servicing Our Cars More Than We Service Ourselves???

I remember the first time i ever got insurance, it was my 3rd year in University and the Blackberry Storm had just come out. 2weeks after getting it, I randomly got a call from a company asking if i would like to spend just £5 a month to insure the phone, i had never damaged or lost a phone before, so i wasn't interested, but the salesperson kept on repeating that it was just £5, and if after a few months i wanted to cancel, i was free to, so i eventually signed up for it.

You won't believe my phone got missing that weekend, literally 2days after that phone call, i was in london for the weekend running some errands and for the first time in my life, i couldn't find my phone. Then i immediately remembered the phone call, my £5 insurance hadn't even been active for a week and i was already eligible for a claim, i thought to myself, there is no way this company would believe this happened, what are the odds?

Anyway, a few weeks later, i got a credit alert from the insurance company with enough money to buy a new phone and i remember thinking how a simple decision to insure my phone for £5 had helped me save hundreds of pounds in return.

Have you ever thought of how the £5 you refuse to pay after you get married, could eventually lead to the loss of your marriage? You service your car because you recognise the need for regular maintenance, if you don't change the oil and constantly check the vitals of the car - the car would eventually break down. Could that be one of the reasons why marriages are constantly showing the "Check Engine" light? When was the last time you serviced your marriage?

I had a "marriage review" session with my wife a couple of months ago, and i was stunned at the result. It wasn't antagonistic or aggressive, it was fun & enlightening, we got to identify the things that we were doing right in our marriage, at the same time we also got to open up on things we felt we could be better at, for example, i had no idea that not drawing the curtains in the mornings was an issue for her, she needed help with that simple task, not everyday, but it just never occurred to me until that meeting, and now i am more aware of it which has led to one less task for her on most days.

Marriages don't just suddenly fail, they fail gradually, they miss their service dates, they fail to renew their insurance and one day someones engine just checks out.

I want to challenge you today, if you have a car, whenever it is due for servicing, let it be a reminder to schedule one for your marriage as well. If you are renewing your insurance, renew your relationship with your partner as well. Cars and phones change every year, your marriage shouldn't be any different?

Action Plan:

Share this article with your spouse and discuss it together

Here is the link to the marriage review my wife and i did recently. I would advise you do it right away and schedule subsequent ones right before your next car service or insurance renewal.
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