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Why You Need Not Worry About Tomorrow!!!

Just stumbled across this video on Youtube and i think it just exemplifies my life right now...ever since i decided to start writing everyday i have had to depend more on God for wisdom, initially i would worry about having something to write for the next day but then i think back to how every single day God doesn't fail to drop new ideas. It is a magic trick that has now become my daily reality

Now, i don't worry about tomorrow...i just trust that the One who gave me inspiration yesterday and today is still going to be the same Person tomorrow so i don't stress out...i just trust in the Rock that stays the same through all the ages.

My rent was due at the beginning of this month, by the end of August i had no idea how it would be paid but for some reason i didn't panic, not even once...i knew the One who supernaturally did it last year would show up again...and guess what, He did. This verse is my reality every single day...i don't know what keeps you up at night, what makes you panic...but watch this video and be empowered to focus on today and worry less about tomorrow!!! He Gat this...

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