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Epic Response To Daddy Freeze Interview On Tithing!!!

Caught this new show "Church Culture" by mistake...was switching through channels and realized my fingers had stopped moving, they stopped because my brain began receiving signals that Light was coming in, so we should probably stay here. After watching for a few minutes, i realized i was just nodding very vigorously and chanting the pastor on..."You are Correct...Finally!!! someone has broken down this complicated issue on Tithing"

I would advise you watch the video...start from the 17th minute to the 32nd minute, it will give you some understanding, trust me. Here are some of the key points i got though;

- He started out by defining tithing as the "First" 10% of your income (not just 10%, but the First 10% because God is more concerned with the state of our hearts) and recognition of Him as our source. He then said, You don't PAY tithe, you GIVE tithe...it is an act of WORSHIP

- Some people may find this radical, but he boldly stated that if God isn't your source, there is no need to pay tithe

= Funmbi then asked "If you don't pay tithe, will anything happen to you?" =

I loved this part because he used an illustration which i thought was very apt...he said there is a banking system in place in our worlds system...if we choose not to put our money in the bank, we automatically run the risk of losing our money to thieves and other factors. So, God doesn't curse us for not tithing, we simply open ourselves up to the consequences of breaking a spiritual law. 

The Kingdom of Heaven also runs a system of governance, communication is known as Prayer, Tithing is the Taxation system in the Kingdom that is used to run its affairs. 

= Another question: "Is Tithing the gateway to Prosperity?" =

Now, this might shock you...i always believed all i had to do was tithe and the windows of heaven will just open up on me, but he started off by revealing a concern he has with the church. Pastors focus on getting the 10% and don't teach us how to effectively manage the remaining 90%. 

Wait for it!!! Tithing DOES NOT PROSPER YOU. You can pay tithe and still be poor...you have to agree with this point because i'm sure you know someone who has been religiously paying tithe for years and their situation hasn't improved, in fact it has gotten worse. He said...there has to be a balance between spiritual and physical laws. 

"Giving" is a spiritual law that needs to be balanced, when you give, you are going to receive a harvest, but that harvest comes in through the works of your hands. So, in essence, it is like your sister in America wants to send you money here in Lagos, if you don't have a bank account, the money will be stuck in America waiting for you to open an account. 

Get a job, start a business...just do something so that God has a way of transferring your harvest to you

Also, Ephesians 3:20 says God is able to do exceedingly above all that we can ask or think...God puts our thinking on the same level as our asking, so we can spend 3hours praying, and one negative thought can nullify that prayer. You can pay tithe, but if your thoughts are not aligning with your words, you could be delaying your harvest.

- To prosper as a Christian, you should tithe...but you should also save and invest part of the 90% because "if you do not save, you cannot be safe"

Finally, he mentioned something that i found interesting, he said everyone pays tithe one way or another...you either pay it to God, the devil or to your flesh...it still leaves you at the end of the day, but the devil just makes that 10% a bone of contention because he knows how important it is. 

A lot more was said, i believe you need to watch the video for yourself because i only got a few things down...you will definitely be blessed watching it...remember it starts at the 17minute mark.

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