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4 Words, 1 Question, 4 Students & 1 Answer...

I once heard of 4 college students who missed an important exam. They had all overslept and totally ignored the alarms on their phones. When they woke up and realized what had happened, one of them came up with a brilliant idea, "Guys, we will tell the professor we had a flat tire on our way"

So they all went together to their professor the next day and said, "We are so sorry we missed the exam, we had all left the flat at 7am yesterday morning, 2 hours before the exam, but we had a flat tire on our way, is there any way we could possibly retake the test?"

"Sure", replied the professor, they looked shocked that he had actually bought their story "Come on in tomorrow, and you can all take the test again"

The four students arrived the next day excited, and sat down in their seats, but before handing them their exams, the Professor told them, "I've got good news and bad news" The good news is, there's only one question on the test, the bad news is, if any of you fail, you ALL fail the test.

Their excitement quickly turned into worry after the professors strange introduction. He then handed out the question papers, and as each student stared down, it contained just one simple "four word" question:

"Which tire was it?"

Hahaha...smart right? But what if i told you we all took similar tests every single day. The Book of James says Faith without corresponding action is dead, is it possible that the reason you are failing the exam of life is because your belief, words and actions are sitting for a test they cannot give the same answers to? 

The only way to get alignment today, is by meditating on the Word of God in the area you are currently failing in, whatever you see and hear consistently over time will determine the state and direction of your life. What tests are you currently facing today? The solution is in your alignment...

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