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He Was Charged With Attempted Murder at 16? How Did Mark Wahlberg Still Make it?

If there is anything i love more in this world, it's the study of patterns. What made Oprah the "Queen of Media"? What made Barack Obama become the first black President of the United States against all odds? How has Kabir Shagaya grown one of the biggest logistics companies Nigeria has ever seen in just 5years?

You see, when people get excited about the success stories, i don't!!! Instead i find myself being curious as to how they did it. My reasoning for this is very simple, if i can understand how they did it, i can replicate their successes, or at least, teach other people the principles they leveraged on to achieve it.

Most people don't realise the famous Oprah Winfrey was raped at age 9 by several male relatives, she turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with the trauma of those events and then discovered at 14 she was pregnant, she later gave birth to a premature baby that did not survive.

After that experience, she read a book by Maya Angelou that completely changed the trajectory of her life, and i find that every successful person has weaknesses like we all do, they've all gone through painful and traumatic experiences like some of us have, they've had valid excuses not to make it, but unfortunately the pattern of success, does not recognise excuses, it only recognises our "response-ability", the ability to respond to what life throws at us. 

Mark Wahlberg, who is now one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood had a lot of excuses not to make it. As the youngest of 9 children, by 13 he was already addicted to cocaine and had been in trouble with the police nearly 25times, at 15, he had a civil action filed against him for being racist to his African American neighbours, by 16, he was charged with the attempted murder of a Vietnamese man and was sentenced to 2years in a correction facility. 

According to him, while he was in jail, he made the decision to respond to that situation by focusing on his faith and dedicating himself to hardwork, and that has been the difference maker for his career. 

The Kenyan born Barack Obama didn't give any excuses for being black, he responded by ignoring them and pushing on to make history...Kabir Shagaya entered a market dominated by DHL and has been able to become the major delivery service for Shoprite nationwide, he is now going Pan African and ultimately International.

Here is why i am writing this, you probably have excuses for why you can't start that business, for why you can't chase that dream that has been burning in your heart...your parents may have died when you were young, you may have been sacked from your job, you are not alone, you are actually in very good company, but just remember that the pattern for success does not recognise your excuses, it only recognises your ability to respond to them!!!

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