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Creativity In Action: What Can We Learn From The Genius Idea That Now Makes Men Wash Their Hands While Flushing!

I believe "Time" & "Chance" moments present themselves to us everyday in hidden packages and opportunities, but some of them go unrecognised based on our inability to recognise them, or simply because of our resistance to pre-existing habits in our lives. 

A leadership session was organised on a Saturday morning, this day also happened to be my mums birthday. The session would be holding from 8am - 2pm, but I got home pretty late on friday evening and didn't sleep until the early hours of Saturday morning, being tired was an understatement, but i just had a feeling that this leadership session would hold a sentence, a word or maybe a phrase that would change my perspective on life forever. 

I got to the meeting a few minutes late, but like i suspected, the next few hours would be totally worth it. Possibly one of the best leadership conferences i have ever watched in my life "The Global Leadership Summit (GLS)" organised by Willow Creek Church under the leadership of Bill Hybels.

In one of the sessions, a Swedish man named Fredrik Haren spoke on the topic "Creative Leadership In A Rapidly Changing World". Fredrik Haren is the author of 9 books, including "The Idea Book" which is included in the "100 Best Business Books Of All Time", trust me, that is no ordinary feat! 

What caught my attention about this man was an illustration he gave to describe what a creative "idea" is, he defined it as taking 2 formerly known things and combining them in a new way. Then he went on to reveal a practical example in the picture shown below;

If you've ever been to the mens toilet before, you may have seen a variation of this, but there is a major difference. Currently, when men go to the toilet, there is a urinal attached to the wall, when that has been used, we flush, and then have to walk across to the sink to wash our hands (cough, for those who actually do). 

Kaspars Jursons, a designer from Latvia in Europe recognized a problem in this system, he saw these 2 traditional ideas and combined both in this genius idea called "Stand". The idea is very simple, he combined the "Urinal" & "Sink" together in order to save money and time, but more importantly, while you are washing your hands in the sink on top of the urinal, you will automatically be flushing the urinal at the same time, saving water, and hey, helping more men wash their hands while they flush!

I am still fascinated by how such a simple idea could easily disrupt an entire industry, why hadn't i thought about it before? but this concept, just opened my eyes to several opportunities around me every single day. I had wanted to start a business in 2years, but this concept has inspired me to combine the original idea with an already existing idea to start it in 2weeks instead (I'll be sharing it with you guys once it is ready!)

My question to you is, what 2 things can you combine in a new way for the market today? How can you use technology to simplify already existing solutions? If you think about it, what do you think companies like Uber have done? 

There is always a solution!!! I am convinced about this statement.

Here's a quick life hack for you, always have a notepad with you, or a section in the notes app on your phone where you catalogue a list of your frustrations, if you find yourself complaining about anything at all, write it down and spend the first 15mins of your mornings thinking about how you can solve that problem creatively. Who knows? 2 of the frustrations on your list could be combined to create the next disruptive idea!

I believe the next "Kaspars Jursons" will read this article and maybe find a creative solution to cancer, or maybe world hunger or poverty, why don't you share this post with your friends on facebook via the social media links below, you could be the link we've all been waiting for! 

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