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LOVE Is Not The Foundation Of A Successful Marriage...This Is!!!

A famous man once raved about how much he loved Private Jets…he just loved the way they looked and how they made him feel whenever he was on one, but do you realize that no matter how much this man loved this aircraft, he couldn’t fly one? 

He couldn’t one day take over from the Pilot because of his LOVE for Private Jets…he would need much more than that, he would need practical knowledge and adequate preparation to successfully fly the thing he so LOVED!!!

Every weekend there are multiple weddings and most of them come together because of their love for each other, very few get married because they KNOW how marriages are supposed to work. It might shock you but LOVE isn’t the foundation of successful marriages, WISDOM is (Practical Knowledge). 

Before i got married, i read the book by Gary Chapman “5 Love Languages” and the information in that book literally empowered me with the tools i currently use to sustain my marriage today, almost every week i consistently listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos on how to make my marriage better…a pilot requires years of studying and multiple hours of practice in order to be considered a professional, what makes us feel our marriages will be any different? 

Proverbs 4:7 “Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgement”

Watched this youtube video a few weeks ago...and it gave me some much needed clarity into how men and woman perceive love. The power in having access to the right information is very key. Check it out and share with your friends

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