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This Igbo Song Is The Absolute Best, "EKWUEME"!!! But Do You Know What It Actually Means???

A few days ago, i saw a Worship video everywhere on Instagram...i watched the video a few times and just by looking at them sing, i felt a connection...i felt like this song had the Spirit of God behind it, but then i didn't know what they were actually singing...so i made a mental note to search for it on youtube so i could listen to the whole thing and possibly get the lyrics, but i probably got distracted and forgot.

My Church was celebrating its First Year Anniversary (Shoutout WhiteOlive) and we had George Ashiru as the Guest Minister for the day (if you haven't heard this man speak...WOW!!!). 

As soon as he got on stage, he said he just heard a song the day before that hasn't been able to leave him ever since...infact he couldn't sleep well because of the song, he then said he didn't know what the song meant but it just couldn't leave him, immediately i had a feeling i would know the song he was talking about...*Ekwueme Ekwueme, Ekwueme Ekwueme....You Are The Living God o, Eze No One Like You* 

He sang it at different moments during the service that by the end, it was me the song couldn't leave at this point 😔

Then i remembered what i had forgotten to do a few days ago...as soon as i got home, i went on Youtube immediately, i am still yet to recover from the lyrics of this song...it left me in pieces 😲🙆

John 4:24 says "For God is Spirit, so those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in Truth"

We Must worship God with Understanding...i don't understand the Igbo language, so the English translation took it to another level for me and i just thought there are probably a lot of other people like me who love the song, but need to know what it means in English so they can CONNECT with it!!! 

You can watch the Video below, i have also put the lyrics as well just incase you need a refresher after watching...please share the part of the song that comes alive to you as you listen...and i pray whatever situation is holding you down right now, as you worship Him in Spirit and Truth...that situation releases you in Jesus Name!!!

Ekwueme! Ekwueme!! (THE ONE WHO SAYS AND DOES IT)
You Are The Living God O
Eze (KING) No One Like You 

You are My Healer, You are My Keeper
My Restorer, My LifeGiver
You Are The Living God O
Eze (KING) No One Like You 

No One Can Do Me Like You Do
No One Can Touch Me Like You Do, God!
You Are The Living God O

Eze (KING) No One Like You 

You Picked Me From The Miry Clay, Set My Feet On The Rock To Stay
You're My Promoter, You're My Defender
You Are The Living God O

Eze (KING) No One Like You 

(Then the Womans Part!!! Choiiii)

Great God, Massive God
Only You Has The Final Say
It Is Only What You Say That Comes To Pass
Final Say, Massive God
All Wise God

The Tiger That Appears And Puts The Antelope To Run
The One Who Says And Does It, You Are The One That Says And Does It
What You Say Is What You Do
You Do What You Say

Who Can Say It When God Has Not Said It
Who Tells God What To Do?
Forever And Ever, You Changeth Not
You Have No Comparison, The All Wise God
Glorious In Power, Great God, The One Who Says And Does It

What You Say Is What You Do

Great Masquerade That Guides Himself
The One You Remember And You Are Confident
He Who Treads On Thorns Comfortably 
The All Wise God
The One Who Travels In The Spirit And In The Physical, Good God
He Comes To A Home And Everyone Is Happy

Glorious In Power

God Who Fills The Heavens And The Earth
What You Say Is What You Do
He That Says And Does, Only You Says And Does
The Wind That Cannot Be Trapped
The One Who Says And Does, The Wealthiest
He Comes To A Home And Everyone Is Happy, The God That Does Glorious Things
The One Who Says And Does It, What You Say Is What You Do

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  1. Nice and powerful song! Glory to Jesus!

    And what a congregation! I'm really interested in knowing what church it is. The people seem to be so ready for God. Please, in that video, do you know what Church the song was sang in?

  2. This song has lifted my spirit been the first Christian song that I'm gonna use my data to download!!! Even is late song but still is always new hearing it everyday!! Sir Prospa you're a blessing

  3. God bless you for putting it that way so we all follow this HOLY SPIRIT movement. Glory be to JESUS


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