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Did You Know The Queen Of England Owned A McDonalds? And There's More...

This will come as a shock to a lot of you, but McDonalds really isn't a Fast food chain...it's in the Real Estate business. Let me give you a quick summary of how the company got started. Two brothers William & Maurice McDonald set up the company, they started as McDonalds BBQ which later evolved into the McDonalds brand we know today. They had over 20 franchises, but those stores weren't doing as well as their main location...one day, they ordered 8 milk shake mixers from a salesman named Ray Kroc who immediately fell in love with the concept of their restaurant, and asked if he could own a franchise of his own...within 6years this man built over 100 McDonalds restaurants. 

With some disagreements with the McDonald brothers, he then decided to tweak the business model by buying the land for subsequent restaurants and leasing them to the franchisees...this way Ray got to keep almost all the profits from the business, and at this point the McDonald brothers realized they had been boxed into a corner so they sold the company to him for $2.7m in 1961. 

Today, with over 35,000 locations around the world...in 2014, all stores made $18.2billion dollars and McDonalds got to keep $2.9Billion from franchise fees...contrast that to the $9.2Billion the stores paid from leasing the buildings...McDonalds made $7.6Billion from it. Now ask yourself, are they really a fast food business or one of the largest Real Estate Investment Companies in the world (Franchise Realty Corporation)

But here's my point...i love the way the McDonald brothers started a business and took it as far as they could...the moment Ray Kroc stepped into their vision, He expanded it and built an empire beyond their wildest imaginations. It reminds me of how Jesus stepped into a similar situation with Peter when he had toiled all night and caught nothing...

Jesus tweaked the business model, He gave a simple instruction that would change the lives of everyone on that boat that day. I don't know what you are going through, your business may have reached its peak...I am just here to encourage you - you are a simple instruction away from a net breaking opportunity...all you need to do is hand over your business to the One who really knows how to run it and let Him take your 20 restaurants and turn it into 35,000 locations worldwide.

Action Plan:
- Read a chapter from the  Book of John & Romans everyday to understand what Jesus has done for you (Instructions are a bi-product of Relationship & Obedience)

- Be thankful for what you have no matter how small you may think it is...it is in the appreciation of the little, multiplication occurs

- Whatever you focus on literally expands...take a magnifying glass and place it on a tiny ant, it automatically zooms in...spend 30mins every morning in meditation, ask yourself "How would Jesus run my business?" close your eyes and let your mind go to work, you'll be surprised at the level of ideas and opportunities waiting for you

- One fun fact to go...the Queen of England actually owns a McDonalds close to Buckingham Palace

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