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Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Pastors Commit Adultery?

My biggest fear in life isn't being in a room with snakes, it isn't bungee jumping, it isn't even not making heaven...if i'm going to be honest, i believe my biggest fear in life is cheating on my wife (either emotionally or physically)...we have built so much trust between ourselves and God, that to betray that trust could literally kill me and begin my journey to paying what my pastor calls "Trust Tax" for the rest of my life

I am always scared when i hear of powerful men of God who have had personal misjudgements, and i am also aware they didn't plan to make these terrible decisions...at some point in their lives, they probably thought they were immune to infidelity just as i think i am now...so what happened? When you got married, you probably never thought you'd ever cheat on your wife or husband...so why did it happen? Why is it happening?
I believe the answer lies in what i call "little SINS"

I remember the story of a lady who had a "pet snake", she would sleep on the same bed with it, would take care of it...until one day the snake stopped eating. She became worried because the snake hadn't eaten in 2weeks so she ran to the vet, to her surprise the snake was fine but the vet told her that snakes usually starve themselves like this when they are preparing for a big meal 🙆

What snakes are you sleeping with today that seem harmless? You guys are chatting everyday, there's nothing wrong with that you say...hmmm, is that snake simply starving itself so it can have you for lunch later?
Guardrails are essential for any marriage to be successful...do not encourage interactions with the opposite sex past a certain time...these things may seem trivial, but the biggest mistakes usually begin with good intentions.
These are the sacrifices we have to make so that our biggest fears don't become our realities. Make an informed decision today!!!

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